June Ministry Update

This first month back in Haiti has flown by!  It started with intern training at our St. Louis campus.  This year instead of participating I was able to lead.  They put me in charge of the games and fun, so you can just imagine how crazy it got.  I loved getting to know the 6 ladies who are dedicating their summer to ministry in Haiti.  It’s hard to not be inspired by their passion and energy.  Although it was a blast, I was just dying to get back to my Mole home!

I thought that when I got back to the Mole I would just pick up where I left off and that it would be easy to jump back into the swing of things.  It’s actually been pretty hard.  When I got back, I received news that one of my students was at the hospital and not doing well.  I was also sad to hear that another student’s care had declined so much and the mom was tired & giving up.

In moments like these, when I feel completely helpless and unprepared, God always makes Himself known.  I am so thankful for all the little moments that have popped up and encouraged me along the way.  It is truly God’s hand at work and not my own.

– I did not have to ask, but three of our core staff women went with me to visit Elveson when he was at his worst.

– I was overwhelmed at hearing the concern for Mack-Edens, yet it showed me how invested our staff is to take notice and address it.

-When I worried whether I could find the needed meds quick enough, I found a whole box that had come in while I was out.

-When it was so hot I wondered if anyone valued class enough to venture out, God blessed us with the best class period yet.

-When I felt like crying and when I wondered why I’m here AND what on earth God was thinking, I got random messages of encouragement from home.

Some days I may be weak, but our God is not! He continues to be my source of strength. Though at times I may doubt – He constantly shows me that He has me right where He needs me.

Prayer Request:

Please pray that the mothers in our program learn to trust God and find encouragement in His truths, for the safety and health of our children, and that by pouring into these families the community will see God’s hand at work.


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