Reunited with my buddy

After being in the states for two months, I was eager to get back to the Mole and reconnect with the people I have come to love.  I was especially longing to see my buddy, Mack-Edens.  Friends and family in the states have heard his name and care about him as well, so I was able to bring back diapers, food, toys and clothes all with him in mind.  However, within the first few days of being back, I went to his house only to be told by a neighbor that his family had gone to Port au Prince two months prior and had not returned.  Not going to lie – I was bummed.

Not knowing whether or not Mack-Edens would return, I stored his new things safely in my room in the hopes that he would one day use them.

Then, after the hurricane as I was visiting all the families in my program to check that they were okay, I received word that Mack-Edens had died.  I did not want to believe it.  I also know that you cannot always trust what you hear and went to another source who reported that she too heard it was true.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon being led all over the mountain side to home after home – all significantly damaged.  People everywhere wanted me to pray with them.  I did the best I could, but all I could think about was Mack-Edens.  Still not wanting to believe he was truly gone, I asked to visit the home of Mack’s grandmother.

Having never met his grandma before, it was a little odd showing up at her door, offering my sympathies for the hurricane’s destruction, and asking if what I heard was true.  To my relief, she too had heard from people in town that Mack-Edens was dead, HOWEVER, she informed me that she herself did not know the rumor to be true because Mack-Edens parents do not have a phone and she had not heard from them directly.  Part of me was ecstatic for this change in information, yet I was afraid to get my hopes up.

Three weeks passed of me praying for Mack-Edens, with no real information about his wellness.  I kept my fears to myself as I did not want to upset anyone.  I felt like I could not talk to anyone about it because so many of my friends and even my mom have come to know Mack.  It would have been too horrible to upset them for only a rumor.

I was helping a friend wash clothes in the river last week, and out of the blue someone approached me with a huge smile.  I had to do a double-take as I hardly recognized Mack’s mother!  She informed me that her, her husband, AND MACK-EDENS arrived back in the Mole the previous day!

I am happy to report that my little buddy is alive and well!  He spent close to 3 months sick in PAP but is back, healthy, and living with his grandmother (his own home was taken away by the hurricane while they were away).

Last night we had our first sleepover!20161031_1638151


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