Kicking off Christmas

Not going to lie, November was a hard month for the Mole.  With all of the rain, came even more destruction.  Homes were constantly wet and in need of repair.  The roads were so bad, there was a time it was impossible to get goods in and out of the town.  Resources were hard to come by, and food was expensive.  On top of it all, there was a somewhat unspoken fear.  My friends would smile and remind me that everything is in God’s hands. Yet, every time the rain started to fall, you could see their fear.  What would it be this time?

My families who once prayed for education and possibilities for their children, started to only pray for the necessities – feeding their family, a roof over their heads, and clean water.

For me, December usually marks the beginning of the Christmas season.  This year, I was looking at the beginning of December as something entirely different – The end of the rainy season.

Desperate to help spread a little comfort, lend a little help, and to steer thoughts away from the last month and onto some Christmas Joy, I decided to give gifts early to the outreach program.  The plan was to purchase a large bag of groceries for each family in the program, top it off with a few small toys for the kids, and deliver it unexpectedly to each door.

What I thought would be just sharing a little joy with my families turned out to involve so many others!

First the kitchen ladies helped me come up with a grocery list.  They were extra helpful and even tailored each list to match the dietary needs of the individual kids.

Then Mama Gigi went out and found me nice market bags to deliver the food in!

I knew we could never carry all of this food by ourselves, so I asked Jose to help by driving the Polaris – and of course, the Castillo kids never miss out on a car ride.  We were quite the sight pulling up to Vanise’s little store with a car full of kids.  The boys and Rosie helped read off the list and carry everything to the car.  They even ran back and forth across the street picking up extra things from neighboring businesses.

After we had everything we needed, we returned home to sort everything out.  Then Malaya stepped in to help because hardly an organizational task happens on campus that she’s not apart of!

Then the fun part of delivering!  It took the whole week, some by hand and some by car.  Just when I thought everyone possible had helped me, Doumy, Isebelle, and Asher helped with the last two bags.

I absolutely loved giving each bag away.  Without even knowing what was in them – JOY & THANKSGIVING beamed from their faces.  It was exactly what I hoped for – a positive moment – a tangible reminder of God’s goodness – something small to snap each family away from the harsh reality that was last month.

I knew it would mean a lot to me & these precious families God has placed me in. What I didn’t expect, was how God would take such a simple plan and use it to bring so many people together…..the joy of giving….



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