When Friends Come to Visit

When Michigan friends come to visit, my two lives collide.  Right before their arrival I’m always anxious.  I feel like I need to prove myself and that I’m responsible forFB_IMG_1491056644077[1] the enjoyment of their trip.  These thoughts however wash away about 30 seconds after their arrival, and I spend the rest of the week overwhelmed by the beauty and love that can only come from God.

The week included everything that my week typically includes, BUT BETTER!  Sometimes when it is raining, I cancel activities – these guys did not!  In the pouring rain, they visited each of my families.  After this past year, rain is a scary thing in the Mole.  To see a group of drenched missionaries show up to play despit
e the rain replaced the fear with laughter.  Not only did the group attend Special Needs School, but they brought along tons of new supplies and toys.  The Youth Group completed their first study and celebrated with a bingo day complete with snacks and prizes.  The team even helped out in the clinic where they did everything from taking blood pressures and counting pills to cleaning out ears and holding babies!   Bethany held the second annual sign language class for David and his family, where David signed his first word!  For a whole week, my families were poured into by someone other than me, the kids in the orphanage had extra arms to run into, and Malaya and I had more people to beat at cards.

Every free minute they had they spent loving on those who call NWHCM home.  I sat back and watched as they held and played with those I love, as their hearts broke for those mine breaks for, and as they encouraged not just those I serve, but me as well.  And the best part – I got to go around campus and town introducing these awesome people as “my friends.”

Thank you Lisa, Rob, Emma, Jamie, Michael, Bethany, Abbey, Taylor, and Addison for loving me so well!



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