An Answered Prayer

This January, my biggest prayer for my program was to have a safe classroom space.

Over the past two years, my new special needs program has been incredibly blessed.  We have come to know great families, and churches and teams have filled our classroom with an abundance of resources.  However, our classroom was not finished.  The walls were open studs, the floor was rough concrete, and the room was not sealed.  This left us with a very unsanitary play space.  When children had accidents on the floor, they were not easily cleaned up.  The amount of dust was intense! No matter how much we swept and dusted, a layer of dust would quickly cover every surface.  The most disgusting problem – The RATS!  Each day before class I would walk over to clean the classroom before students arrived.  Every day without fail, in our absence, the rats made a home on our shelves.  I would not only find their droppings and urine, but the remnants of whatever they snacked on the night before.  This was so often an issue, that even little Hannah from our orphanage picked up on my cleaning system.  When she would come to help with the kids, she would first grab a Lysol wipe and clean off everything she could think of before starting to play.

As of this week, these problems are no more!  I am overjoyed to announce that thanks to a handful of generous donors and Nene’s handiwork, our play space is only that – a safe place to play!  From the Fowler team clearing the room, to Miss Beth relaying all my messages while I was stateside, to Nene’s crew renovating , to our kids stocking the new shelves – God never ceases to show me how many people he can put together to pull off my prayers!

Check out our new digs:  Finished walls and ceiling.  Fresh paint.  New shelves.  A screen door.  Windows that open in with screens.  Coming soon – tiled floor!

Our old classroom:

Our new classroom:

The move-in crew:

Thank you Nene!


The set-up help:


The not-so-much help:


The finished product:

Breaking in the classroom with some impromptu library time.  Never before have I put all the books in the classroom – too worried about the rats and dust!

Our first day back in school!


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