20170715_161230As the summer months roll around, we have many teams come tour campus to pour into our ministries. One of my favorite things to do with these new friends is introduce them to our special needs school, and for the first time ever I was able to show off our new classroom!  The students absolutely love20170613_163739 having visitors play with them and join in their class time with games, dancing, and music.  In addition to helping out in the classroom, I was able to take some of our team 20170613_163748members on home visits.  The mothers we visit especially enjoy this time because they are thought of and intentionally prayed for—something that does not happen for them often.  Summer has quickly become my 20170705_172043favorite time of year here as I have found that one of the biggest joys I experience in ministry is watching 20170705_172703others fall in love with those I love so deeply.

We closed out the summer with a bang in the best way we know how: beach day!  Although we live right next to the beach, many of our students have never20170715_161036 had the opportunity to go.  We had the opportunity to invite them and their siblings, give each one of the students their very own swim suit, and send them off with a snack before heading home for the day. We had an 20170715_161643all-around amazing time together enjoying each other’s company and just having fun.

Thank you everyone for help making our summer extra special!


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