Back-to-School Wishlist

A new school year is here!  I’ve always loved this season – from shopping with my mom and sisters to stocking my own classroom. Although living in Haiti makes it a little different, the joy is the same.  I am very optimistic about this new season of ministry.  The special needs outreach program has a new look, and I have added a few new ministries to my plate.  Each is in need of some outside resources to help us be successful, and we are asking for your help!!

Le Rayoume des Enfant (Special Needs Program)20170812_090130
That’s right, the program has a new name!  We have proudly named the program meaning “The Children’s Kingdom” in English.  Along with this new title, our program will be meeting three mornings a week, provide transportation to students, and gift each student with their first uniform.  I cannot wait to see how these small changes will add value to each student’s life.
Ways you can help this program include:

  • Providing a uniform for a child – Each uniform is $15 and I currently have 4 students.  You can give at Support – Susan O’Strander– please write “uniform” in the note section. (One uniform already given! Only 3 more needed.)
  • An IPad for the classroom (with a durable case)– Having an iPad would allow our students to access apps to further their learning and development.  A suggested model can be found at Haiti Ministry Wishlist.
  • Funding transportation– for the first time ever, we are providing a moto service to students allowing them to have more consistent attendance.  The estimated cost for the year is $150.  You can make a donation at Support – Susan O’Strander– please write “school transportation” in the note section.
  • Family groceries– Some of our families do not have the resources to eat every day.  For only $10 we can purchase a week’s worth of groceries.  If you would like to gift groceries to a school family, go to Support-Susan O’Strander – please write “family groceries” in the note section.

Youth Group
In Haiti, it is very common for students to hear messages from other pastors, teachers, and friends and to take them as fact.  Last year, we strongly encouraged our students to always check what they hear in the Bible.  The problem was, most students do not have a bible to use.  This year, I would like to help this problem by purchasing a case of bibles along with a case of song books for student use.

  • A case of bibles (including transportation costs) can be purchased in Haiti for $260 and a case of song books for $220.    To help fill this need, go to  Support – Susan O’Strander– Please write “youth group” in the note section.

20170825_140435English Class
After a full summer of our children begging me to teach them English, I have begun a small English class!   I am meeting with 15 children from campus ages 8-11.  So far we are having a blast!  We do not have many needs for our group, but we currently have one picture dictionary and are in need of a few more to make sharing easier.

  • If you would like to give a dictionary, visit my wishlist at Haiti Ministry Wishlist. (This need has been fulfilled! Thank you!)

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