Our Busy Little Classroom

Welcome Angela!  In January we welcomed Angela into our classroom.  Angela has added a load of spunk to our room; she acts as a great classroom helper for her friends, and keeps us all on our toes!  Angela loves school and is very particular about keeping it clean and organized.  Youlie has a special place in her heart for Angela and the two work well together.


Clean Floors! The room also underwent our final renovation.  We are now home to a tile floor! Not only does it look beautiful, but no mess or accident will stand in the way of our busy days.  We can now sweep and mop with ease!  In fact, they are so clean you cannot help but lay out on the cool tile.

Classroom Guests! Spring brought many visitors to our classroom.  Our volunteers came from Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana! The kids absolutely love all the extra attention and new activities.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by with your hugs, your music, your crafts, and your love.  The visits looked like so much fun, some of our Haitian staff have now taken the opportunity to join us in class.

Coming soon!  With our growing class, we also need to expand our staff.  We have been very blessed to have Youlie teaching in the classroom, but are in need of one more staff member to give our students even more individual attention.  Please join us in praying for a good fit to complete our staff.

English Class:  Our classroom is also home to our English Class.  Once a week, the 18 students (the oldest from our orphanage) race to the room eager to know what new words they will learn.  They sprawl out all over the floor as they write their vocab of the week and come up with clever ways to remember them.  You often hear them bragging that they know English, yet once Americans come to visit and interact with them, they clam up and get embarrassed.  It is pretty precious watching them grow in their language.  The students also have pen pals in the states that they write letters back and forth with.  Their friends sent them Christmas gifts and in return, our students made special tie dyed socks to send back. Our kids love hearing about their pals sports teams, families, and pets – in return they write about school, their favorite movies and activities.

Library Space:  In efforts to keep our orphanage kids busy on their spring break, we opened up the classroom for library time.  The kids came in small groups and spent an hour reading and looking at books.  Some of the older kids were able to read the few Creole books we have to their little brothers and sisters.  Even all the books in English were poured over as the kids made up the stories based on the pictures.  Stay tuned as we hope to make these library days a regular occurrence!


Loads of Smiles!




  1. Susan,
    Love the update and awesome things that are happening with your ever growing program.
    Blessings to continue His work in Haiti through your efforts and energy!


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