A New Home!

The Destina family’s house was falling apart.  The walls were slowly crumbling and the roof was caving in.  Every time it rained, the family was living in a mud pit, due to dirt floors.  The father of the family is a very skilled worker and had plans to build a new house on his own.  He built the frame for a new two-room house.  Due to lack of funds, his build was at a standstill and his current home was becoming more and more unsafe as they feared the roof would cave in on them as they slept.

I’d like to thank all those who send me monthly support.  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to speed up the build!  Our own Nene joined in the project and helped the family complete the first of the two rooms.   The Destina family is now sleeping safe in a home with a tin roof and a concrete floor – luxuries they did not previously have.  The second will be finished by the family.

This family is very close to my heart.  They have many worries as parents of two little children, one with severe special needs.  Housing is no longer one of those!

Meet the Family:






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