Update: A New Home


This past spring, we worked together to help the Destina family build a new home.  You can read about it (here).  However, they were only in their new house for a little over a month when things got complicated.  One morning, the government went down their street and knocked down every home in that mile stretch of land.  Families ran out of their homes and they watched as their walls came down on top of all their belongings.  The Destina family, however, did not loose their home that day. When the police went to knock it down they found Mack, their son with special needs, sleeping on the bed.  The officers were very generous and instead gave them a little extra time to move out.

You see, all these homes were built on government land.  It is very common in Haiti to build a home on government land and it is not usually a problem, that is, until the government wants to use the land.  This was the case for the Destina family and their neighbors.

Most of the families effected moved in with family or friends, and some found places to rent.  For Mack and his family, this wasn’t so easy.  Not many will accept a child with a handicap in their home as they believe the child is cursed.  The family could not stay with their extended family due to limited space, and also could not rent.  We were not sure what we could do.  The best option for the family would be to purchase land and build a new home – but they just did not have the means to do that.

Thanks to a whole lot of prayer and some very generous donations given in timing that can only be God’s, we set out to do just that.  The family purchased land and went to work building their second gifted house within the year.  They have now been living in their new home since the end of July!

I apologize for the late update.  They were moving in just as I was leaving to spend time stateside.  I guess I was just too afraid this home too wouldn’t be one to stay.  I could not bare posting about a new home, just to watch it fall again.  I am happy to report that I am back in the Mole, and have visited my little babes in their new home!  Everyone is well and happy.  Congrats to the new land and home owners.  I am happy that I can continue my weekly visits. It is a horribly long walk, but the view is worth it – from the front porch looking both in and out!


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