Remembering Little Mack

20190110_215132Marc-Edens, affectionately called Mack, passed away this past Monday.  My heart is broken, but I find comfort knowing that he is whole and no longer in pain or suffering.  Mack had a hard life, but in those 6 years he was oh so loved.  I thank God that in his short life, I came to know and love him.

Some of my favorite things about Mack:
– His supportive and loving family.
– His love of High School Musical.
– His belly laughs and snuggles.
– When his smile stretched past his eyes.
– The joy on his face whenever he rode in the little car.
– His ability to make everyone he met fall in love with him.
– Our long sleepover nights.

Things I’ve learned working with Mack:
– You can smile even on the worst of days.
– Big love comes in small packages.
– Never underestimate a mother’s love.
– All God’s creations are perfect.

Please join me in lifting up his family in prayer during this difficult time.




  1. Susan,
    So sorry for the loss of Mack here on Earth. He is with his maker and rejoicing. Thank you for loving and caring for Mack and his family.


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