My name is Susan O’Strander, and I am a missionary serving alongside Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  I live in Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti where I run a special needs outreach program.

The Mole St. Nicolas special needs outreach program has grown to include not only home visits but a classroom as well.  Our students attend class three mornings a week where they engage in sensory play and learning activities.  The goals of this program are to reach those children in the community with special needs, and give hope and support to them and their families.  We seek to educate parents, to come alongside them in care of their child, and to set them up with any available outside resources – all while demonstrating the love of Christ.

In addition to working in the special needs program, I also work with our church youth group, help out in the mission’s pharmacy, help plan and run children’s church, work alongside visiting groups, and plan activities for the 34 children in our orphanage.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about my ministry in Haiti, you can contact me by email at susan.ostrander@nwhcm.org



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