Back-to-School Wishlist

A new school year is here!  I’ve always loved this season – from shopping with my mom and sisters to stocking my own classroom. Although living in Haiti makes it a little different, the joy is the same.  I am very optimistic about this new season of ministry.  The special needs outreach program has a new look, and I have added a few new ministries to my plate.  Each is in need of some outside resources to help us be successful, and we are asking for your help!!

Le Rayoume des Enfant (Special Needs Program)20170812_090130
That’s right, the program has a new name!  We have proudly named the program meaning “The Children’s Kingdom” in English.  Along with this new title, our program will be meeting three mornings a week, provide transportation to students, and gift each student with their first uniform.  I cannot wait to see how these small changes will add value to each student’s life.
Ways you can help this program include:

  • Providing a uniform for a child – Each uniform is $15 and I currently have 4 students.  You can give at Support – Susan O’Strander– please write “uniform” in the note section. (One uniform already given! Only 3 more needed.)
  • An IPad for the classroom (with a durable case)– Having an iPad would allow our students to access apps to further their learning and development.  A suggested model can be found at Haiti Ministry Wishlist.
  • Funding transportation– for the first time ever, we are providing a moto service to students allowing them to have more consistent attendance.  The estimated cost for the year is $150.  You can make a donation at Support – Susan O’Strander– please write “school transportation” in the note section.
  • Family groceries– Some of our families do not have the resources to eat every day.  For only $10 we can purchase a week’s worth of groceries.  If you would like to gift groceries to a school family, go to Support-Susan O’Strander – please write “family groceries” in the note section.

Youth Group
In Haiti, it is very common for students to hear messages from other pastors, teachers, and friends and to take them as fact.  Last year, we strongly encouraged our students to always check what they hear in the Bible.  The problem was, most students do not have a bible to use.  This year, I would like to help this problem by purchasing a case of bibles along with a case of song books for student use.

  • A case of bibles (including transportation costs) can be purchased in Haiti for $260 and a case of song books for $220.    To help fill this need, go to  Support – Susan O’Strander– Please write “youth group” in the note section.

20170825_140435English Class
After a full summer of our children begging me to teach them English, I have begun a small English class!   I am meeting with 15 children from campus ages 8-11.  So far we are having a blast!  We do not have many needs for our group, but we currently have one picture dictionary and are in need of a few more to make sharing easier.

  • If you would like to give a dictionary, visit my wishlist at Haiti Ministry Wishlist. (This need has been fulfilled! Thank you!)

Our Sweet Friend

20150730_151434It is with a broken heart that I share with you that our dear friend Elveson is now with the Lord.  He passed away this past Saturday.  Elveson didn’t have the easiest life here on earth, but now he is whole – no more pain, no more hardships.

I met Elveson during my first internship with NWHCM.  He came to the clinic with his mom.  Emma (also interning at the time) and I immediately connected with him.  We often comment on how it was God who brought him that day.  We were hoping to start a ministry with special needs children and did not know where to begin.  But on that day, he and his friend Claude came looking for us.  They became our first two students.  Over the next two years, we have come to know Elveson and his family well.  His home has been one of my favorite places to visit, and his laugher has filled our classroom. Some of Elveson’s favorite things were playing catch, kissing your cheek, playing with Fedna, music, and eating any delicious treat.  Elveson always loved to worship God.  He could wave his hands and cry out “Alleluia” with the best of them!  I thank God for the short time Elveson was a part of my life.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Thank you everyone who has come to love Elveson as much as I have.  Your visits and prayers have always encouraged his family.  Please keep Elveson’s mother and two brothers in your prayers.


20170715_161230As the summer months roll around, we have many teams come tour campus to pour into our ministries. One of my favorite things to do with these new friends is introduce them to our special needs school, and for the first time ever I was able to show off our new classroom!  The students absolutely love20170613_163739 having visitors play with them and join in their class time with games, dancing, and music.  In addition to helping out in the classroom, I was able to take some of our team 20170613_163748members on home visits.  The mothers we visit especially enjoy this time because they are thought of and intentionally prayed for—something that does not happen for them often.  Summer has quickly become my 20170705_172043favorite time of year here as I have found that one of the biggest joys I experience in ministry is watching 20170705_172703others fall in love with those I love so deeply.

We closed out the summer with a bang in the best way we know how: beach day!  Although we live right next to the beach, many of our students have never20170715_161036 had the opportunity to go.  We had the opportunity to invite them and their siblings, give each one of the students their very own swim suit, and send them off with a snack before heading home for the day. We had an 20170715_161643all-around amazing time together enjoying each other’s company and just having fun.

Thank you everyone for help making our summer extra special!

An Answered Prayer

This January, my biggest prayer for my program was to have a safe classroom space.

Over the past two years, my new special needs program has been incredibly blessed.  We have come to know great families, and churches and teams have filled our classroom with an abundance of resources.  However, our classroom was not finished.  The walls were open studs, the floor was rough concrete, and the room was not sealed.  This left us with a very unsanitary play space.  When children had accidents on the floor, they were not easily cleaned up.  The amount of dust was intense! No matter how much we swept and dusted, a layer of dust would quickly cover every surface.  The most disgusting problem – The RATS!  Each day before class I would walk over to clean the classroom before students arrived.  Every day without fail, in our absence, the rats made a home on our shelves.  I would not only find their droppings and urine, but the remnants of whatever they snacked on the night before.  This was so often an issue, that even little Hannah from our orphanage picked up on my cleaning system.  When she would come to help with the kids, she would first grab a Lysol wipe and clean off everything she could think of before starting to play.

As of this week, these problems are no more!  I am overjoyed to announce that thanks to a handful of generous donors and Nene’s handiwork, our play space is only that – a safe place to play!  From the Fowler team clearing the room, to Miss Beth relaying all my messages while I was stateside, to Nene’s crew renovating , to our kids stocking the new shelves – God never ceases to show me how many people he can put together to pull off my prayers!

Check out our new digs:  Finished walls and ceiling.  Fresh paint.  New shelves.  A screen door.  Windows that open in with screens.  Coming soon – tiled floor!

Our old classroom:

Our new classroom:

The move-in crew:

Thank you Nene!


The set-up help:


The not-so-much help:


The finished product:

Breaking in the classroom with some impromptu library time.  Never before have I put all the books in the classroom – too worried about the rats and dust!

Our first day back in school!

When Friends Come to Visit

When Michigan friends come to visit, my two lives collide.  Right before their arrival I’m always anxious.  I feel like I need to prove myself and that I’m responsible forFB_IMG_1491056644077[1] the enjoyment of their trip.  These thoughts however wash away about 30 seconds after their arrival, and I spend the rest of the week overwhelmed by the beauty and love that can only come from God.

The week included everything that my week typically includes, BUT BETTER!  Sometimes when it is raining, I cancel activities – these guys did not!  In the pouring rain, they visited each of my families.  After this past year, rain is a scary thing in the Mole.  To see a group of drenched missionaries show up to play despit
e the rain replaced the fear with laughter.  Not only did the group attend Special Needs School, but they brought along tons of new supplies and toys.  The Youth Group completed their first study and celebrated with a bingo day complete with snacks and prizes.  The team even helped out in the clinic where they did everything from taking blood pressures and counting pills to cleaning out ears and holding babies!   Bethany held the second annual sign language class for David and his family, where David signed his first word!  For a whole week, my families were poured into by someone other than me, the kids in the orphanage had extra arms to run into, and Malaya and I had more people to beat at cards.

Every free minute they had they spent loving on those who call NWHCM home.  I sat back and watched as they held and played with those I love, as their hearts broke for those mine breaks for, and as they encouraged not just those I serve, but me as well.  And the best part – I got to go around campus and town introducing these awesome people as “my friends.”

Thank you Lisa, Rob, Emma, Jamie, Michael, Bethany, Abbey, Taylor, and Addison for loving me so well!


Classroom Helpers

Beginning this January I have been inviting children from our orphanage to help out in Special Needs School.  It has been rewarding to watch all of the children engage with each other.

My students have more friends to play with, new role models, and great examples.

The helpers have a new found sense of responsibility they take very seriously and are beginning to see the students as the capable children they are.

And I have had the joy of watching two of my favorite ministries collide into one!

Below are some sweet moments from the last two months.  Different kids help each day and the dynamic is always changing, but it is always fun!



Lordimg_20170201_1450121181jina is two years old and first came to our clinic in October.  This child is super sassy, and I fell in love with her instantly.  Lordjina could not flex her feet and could not stand.  Not knowing how to best help her, we kept her information and she left our clinic.

I showed her photo to Autumn, an occupational therapist who works alongside the mission, and she encouraged me to bring her to STAND in Port-de-Paix.  However, I would have to wait until January!

January finally came.  I worked with Autumn to set up the appointment and made all the travel arrangements before presenting the idea to Lordjina’s mother.  I did not want to get her hopes up in case we could not work it out or find funding.  So many people came together to make the trip possible – Autumn made the appointment, Jody helped arrange a truck, Caitlin helped me plan finances, and Fresnel gave us a place to sleep!  When I finally sat down with Lordjina and her mother again to present my idea one week before planned departure, her mother cried.  She was so overwhelmed that so many people who do not even know her came together for her child.  She has gone to many clinics, asked many people for help, and said that she ran out of people to ask.  Of course she agreed to the travel and we planned to go together the next week.

When we finally were ready to leave and sat waiting for the truck, both of us were pretty anxious.  We hardly knew each other, were about to travel together, and there were no promises of how STAND would be able to help.  We made small talk and loved on Lordjina together to pass the time.

Did I mention Tom Snivley was here?  He was, and not really knowing what he was getting into, he was about to travel with us!

We made the four hour tap-tap ride to Port-de-Paix, with Tom and Lordjina in the front and me and her mother in the back.  By the time we got there, I made a new friend and so did Tom!  Lordjina absolutely LOVES him.

That night while Lordjina’s mother and I talked before bed, she made a comment.  She looked at me and said, “You love people a lot.  You love all people.”  I was caught off guard.  I told her that I love all people because that is what Jesus did.  She just shook her head and said that not everyone is like that.  She explained that after Lordjina was born, her father left them because the child was not normal.  Lordjina’s mother has been left raising 3 girls alone.

My prayer for this trip then changed.  I was no longer praying for Lordjina to get help to be able to stand, but for God’s love to be shown to this family.

The next day we went to STAND.  We were all shocked when within the first 20 minutes after arrival we were told Lordjina’s feet could be fixed with a simple surgery that next morning at the mission.  We spent the rest of the day making equipment and fitting braces to her legs to be used after surgery.  (Not to brag, but it turns out I have some duct tape skills.)  The family was educated and given so many resources!

The next morning at the mission, the family met the visiting surgery team.  They were cared for and prayed over as they got ready for surgery.  Autumn performed a Achilies tendon release, and they received excellent loving care.  Tom and I stayed with them every step of the way!

When we were getting ready for them to leave, Tom was playing with Lordjina, a nurse was double checking they had what they needed, and Lordjina’s mom looked at me and said, “You are not the only one who loves like Jesus.”  SCORE – Prayer answered!!

Saying goodbye to this family, not knowing when I will see them again was very hard.  Pretty sure Tom would have kept this little girl if he could have!  Hopefully when they come back to St. Louis for therapy  I will be able to visit.  I cannot wait to see this girl walk!!!

This trip could not have been possible without God.  He got so many people working together.  Each staff member, the STAND employees, the surgery team at NWHCM, and the generous ones who donated to make this trip possible.  What are the chances that the day we plan to go to STAND, Tom is here to make Lordjina laugh and take away her fear, and there is currently a team in St. Louis allowing us to do surgery the very next day?  Only with God!

Lordjina at our Mole clinic.
Lordjina’s awesome new pvc pipe stander.
Lordjina does not think it is awesome…
A big smile for Tom!
Tom and Autumn with Lordjina’s new equiptment.
Getting ready for surgery at NWHCM.
Micah and I looking good to watch Lordjina’s surgery.
Lordjina didn’t like her casts when she woke up.  Tom and I made them prettier!
Lordjina back home with her sisters a week after her surgery.  So happy her mom is keeping in touch!

STAND Haiti Project –

NWHCM Medical Mission Trips –

Thank you Chia-Hong and Vickie Tsai!

Kicking off Christmas

Not going to lie, November was a hard month for the Mole.  With all of the rain, came even more destruction.  Homes were constantly wet and in need of repair.  The roads were so bad, there was a time it was impossible to get goods in and out of the town.  Resources were hard to come by, and food was expensive.  On top of it all, there was a somewhat unspoken fear.  My friends would smile and remind me that everything is in God’s hands. Yet, every time the rain started to fall, you could see their fear.  What would it be this time?

My families who once prayed for education and possibilities for their children, started to only pray for the necessities – feeding their family, a roof over their heads, and clean water.

For me, December usually marks the beginning of the Christmas season.  This year, I was looking at the beginning of December as something entirely different – The end of the rainy season.

Desperate to help spread a little comfort, lend a little help, and to steer thoughts away from the last month and onto some Christmas Joy, I decided to give gifts early to the outreach program.  The plan was to purchase a large bag of groceries for each family in the program, top it off with a few small toys for the kids, and deliver it unexpectedly to each door.

What I thought would be just sharing a little joy with my families turned out to involve so many others!

First the kitchen ladies helped me come up with a grocery list.  They were extra helpful and even tailored each list to match the dietary needs of the individual kids.

Then Mama Gigi went out and found me nice market bags to deliver the food in!

I knew we could never carry all of this food by ourselves, so I asked Jose to help by driving the Polaris – and of course, the Castillo kids never miss out on a car ride.  We were quite the sight pulling up to Vanise’s little store with a car full of kids.  The boys and Rosie helped read off the list and carry everything to the car.  They even ran back and forth across the street picking up extra things from neighboring businesses.

After we had everything we needed, we returned home to sort everything out.  Then Malaya stepped in to help because hardly an organizational task happens on campus that she’s not apart of!

Then the fun part of delivering!  It took the whole week, some by hand and some by car.  Just when I thought everyone possible had helped me, Doumy, Isebelle, and Asher helped with the last two bags.

I absolutely loved giving each bag away.  Without even knowing what was in them – JOY & THANKSGIVING beamed from their faces.  It was exactly what I hoped for – a positive moment – a tangible reminder of God’s goodness – something small to snap each family away from the harsh reality that was last month.

I knew it would mean a lot to me & these precious families God has placed me in. What I didn’t expect, was how God would take such a simple plan and use it to bring so many people together…..the joy of giving….


Reunited with my buddy

After being in the states for two months, I was eager to get back to the Mole and reconnect with the people I have come to love.  I was especially longing to see my buddy, Mack-Edens.  Friends and family in the states have heard his name and care about him as well, so I was able to bring back diapers, food, toys and clothes all with him in mind.  However, within the first few days of being back, I went to his house only to be told by a neighbor that his family had gone to Port au Prince two months prior and had not returned.  Not going to lie – I was bummed.

Not knowing whether or not Mack-Edens would return, I stored his new things safely in my room in the hopes that he would one day use them.

Then, after the hurricane as I was visiting all the families in my program to check that they were okay, I received word that Mack-Edens had died.  I did not want to believe it.  I also know that you cannot always trust what you hear and went to another source who reported that she too heard it was true.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon being led all over the mountain side to home after home – all significantly damaged.  People everywhere wanted me to pray with them.  I did the best I could, but all I could think about was Mack-Edens.  Still not wanting to believe he was truly gone, I asked to visit the home of Mack’s grandmother.

Having never met his grandma before, it was a little odd showing up at her door, offering my sympathies for the hurricane’s destruction, and asking if what I heard was true.  To my relief, she too had heard from people in town that Mack-Edens was dead, HOWEVER, she informed me that she herself did not know the rumor to be true because Mack-Edens parents do not have a phone and she had not heard from them directly.  Part of me was ecstatic for this change in information, yet I was afraid to get my hopes up.

Three weeks passed of me praying for Mack-Edens, with no real information about his wellness.  I kept my fears to myself as I did not want to upset anyone.  I felt like I could not talk to anyone about it because so many of my friends and even my mom have come to know Mack.  It would have been too horrible to upset them for only a rumor.

I was helping a friend wash clothes in the river last week, and out of the blue someone approached me with a huge smile.  I had to do a double-take as I hardly recognized Mack’s mother!  She informed me that her, her husband, AND MACK-EDENS arrived back in the Mole the previous day!

I am happy to report that my little buddy is alive and well!  He spent close to 3 months sick in PAP but is back, healthy, and living with his grandmother (his own home was taken away by the hurricane while they were away).

Last night we had our first sleepover!20161031_1638151